What kids learn through baking

kids cooking | NurtureStore.  Great article on how to use cooking with your kids to teach a variety of topics (and have fun).  Henry and I do this every Saturday when we make his weekly waffle stash (a huge batch of nutrition packed super waffles).


Helping Your Child Learn from Mistakes

We all make mistakes in life.  That’s where the real learning is.  When we have a “safe place” to fail and learn from our failures, we not only learn better, we develop resiliency that takes us through the difficult times in life.  Marilyn Price-Mitchell, Ph.D., penned an blog post for Psychology Today where she give great advice on helping foster this kind of learning.

Ten Parenting Guidelines that Help Kids Learn from Mistakes

  • Acknowledge that you don’t expect your children to be perfect.
  • Let them know your love is unconditional, regardless of their mistakes or lapses in judgment.
  • Don’t rescue children from their mistakes. Instead, help them focus on the solution.
  • Provide examples of your own mistakes, the consequences, and how you learned from them.
  • Encourage them to take responsibility for their mistakes and not blame others.
  • Avoid pointing out their past mistakes. Instead, focus on the one at hand.
  • Praise them for their ability to admit their mistakes.
  • Praise them for their efforts and courage to overcome setbacks.
  • Mentor them on how to apologize when their mistakes have hurt others.
  • Help them look at the good side of getting things wrong!

Mistakes Improve Children’s Learning | Psychology Today.