What kids learn through baking

kids cooking | NurtureStore.  Great article on how to use cooking with your kids to teach a variety of topics (and have fun).  Henry and I do this every Saturday when we make his weekly waffle stash (a huge batch of nutrition packed super waffles).


“Chore Charts” Help Curb the Nagging

“Chore Charts” Help Curb the Nagging.  Instead of putting you energy into nagging them, but your energy into celebrating their successes!  Use these tools to help them learn to be in charge of their time.

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“Chore charts” help curb the nagging.  Using chore charts is a great way to get your kids to help out, but more importantly, it is a great way to increase your opportunities for positive attention.  When your kids are doing their chores with out you having to nag them, then you are free to lavish them with praise for the good things they do rather than the things they have not done yet.

Chore charts and chore lists

Chore charts and chore lists.  Have trouble getting your kids to help out around the house?  I know I sometimes do.  Having a chart is a good way to track the desired behavior and provide delayed reinforcement.  SchoolFamily.com  has great printable chore charts that are age appropriate.