Helping Your Child Learn from Mistakes

We all make mistakes in life.  That’s where the real learning is.  When we have a “safe place” to fail and learn from our failures, we not only learn better, we develop resiliency that takes us through the difficult times in life.  Marilyn Price-Mitchell, Ph.D., penned an blog post for Psychology Today where she give great advice on helping foster this kind of learning.

Ten Parenting Guidelines that Help Kids Learn from Mistakes

  • Acknowledge that you don’t expect your children to be perfect.
  • Let them know your love is unconditional, regardless of their mistakes or lapses in judgment.
  • Don’t rescue children from their mistakes. Instead, help them focus on the solution.
  • Provide examples of your own mistakes, the consequences, and how you learned from them.
  • Encourage them to take responsibility for their mistakes and not blame others.
  • Avoid pointing out their past mistakes. Instead, focus on the one at hand.
  • Praise them for their ability to admit their mistakes.
  • Praise them for their efforts and courage to overcome setbacks.
  • Mentor them on how to apologize when their mistakes have hurt others.
  • Help them look at the good side of getting things wrong!

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