gardening play ideas from the NurtureStore

gardening play ideas | NurtureStore.  I think these ideas for playing and learning about how things grow are GREAT!  I’m planning on trying out a few with my Kindergartener this weekend.  I hope some of our school families will do the same.

These are great ways to tap into your kinesthetic  learners’ strengths and into multiple intelligences.  A love of things growing is also a great way to instil and love for science in young kids.


Obesity More Likely in ‘Night-Owl’ Kids

Obesity More Likely in ‘Night-Owl’ Kids.  I hesitate to post this because so many of my school families tend to be night owls.  Not to make you feel bad, but because we all want the best for our kids, check out this article on the correlation between students staying up late and child-hood obesity.