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I love this quote from Thom Markham, a psychologist, educator, and president of GlobalRedesigns


Allow the wow. The whole child is a creativity machine that can be turned on—and effective PBL teachers know how to reward innovative thinking, as well as honor divergent solutions that adults haven’t yet discovered. The best PBL employs creativity rubrics, “breakthrough” columns on rubrics, brainstorming, peer protocols, and formal reflection as core tools. It is quite possible to activate the inner resources of children by simply following two guidelines—1) that today’s young people want to reinvent, not reenact, the world; and 2) that “genius” is derived from the same root word as “joy.”

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via How Project-Based Learning Educates the Whole Child « The Whole Child Blog « Whole Child Education.

gardening play ideas from the NurtureStore

gardening play ideas | NurtureStore.  I think these ideas for playing and learning about how things grow are GREAT!  I’m planning on trying out a few with my Kindergartener this weekend.  I hope some of our school families will do the same.

These are great ways to tap into your kinesthetic  learners’ strengths and into multiple intelligences.  A love of things growing is also a great way to instil and love for science in young kids.

What kids learn through baking

kids cooking | NurtureStore.  Great article on how to use cooking with your kids to teach a variety of topics (and have fun).  Henry and I do this every Saturday when we make his weekly waffle stash (a huge batch of nutrition packed super waffles).

What Is Your Child’s Learning Style? –

What Is Your Child’s Learning Style? –  I had the pleasure of meeting many new students and parents in Fairbanks last week.  We were focusing on learning about how our kids learn.  Here is a link to more information on Learning Styles.  I’ll keep posting information about this topic, so stay tuned.