gardening play ideas from the NurtureStore

gardening play ideas | NurtureStore.  I think these ideas for playing and learning about how things grow are GREAT!  I’m planning on trying out a few with my Kindergartener this weekend.  I hope some of our school families will do the same.

These are great ways to tap into your kinesthetic  learners’ strengths and into multiple intelligences.  A love of things growing is also a great way to instil and love for science in young kids.


What kids learn through baking

kids cooking | NurtureStore.  Great article on how to use cooking with your kids to teach a variety of topics (and have fun).  Henry and I do this every Saturday when we make his weekly waffle stash (a huge batch of nutrition packed super waffles).

10-11-2011 – {Pre-K Pages} Halloween Printables

10-11-2011 – {Pre-K Pages} Halloween Printables.  Here’s a link for some great Pre-K activities you can do with your kids.   Thanks to the folks at Pre-K Pages.  A great resource for Parents of young children, Preschool teachers, Kindergarten teachers and Home-school parents.