Helping your Child Achieve Career Goals

Many adolescents struggle with  career goals.  They either don’t have them, or they are confused about how to achieve them.  As parents, you can have a great influence on the career development of your children. In fact, parents have the most influence on students’ career choices followed by friends, teachers, and counselors.

Here are a few tips to help you guide your student to finding a goal and achieving it:

1) Communicate consistently and frequently with your child about school.  Talk with them about goal setting, and action steps to achieve their goals.


  • What’s happening in their courses
  • How they are doing in their courses
  • SAT and ACT preparation
  • Career dreams
  • Connections between school and work

2) Take actions that help your child become strategic in his career planning.

  • Help them learn to manage leisure time
  • Arrange for specific work or internship opportunities
  • Accompany them on college visits
  • Arrange financial assistance
  • Assist in judging the program of a college and whether it is the right one for them

Helpful Web sites for parents:

Assessment of Interests:

Career Exploration: