Talking to Henry about Bullying


I’ve been struggling with this for a few months.  I have a great kid who is sensitive to what those around him are doing.  He tells me about “bullying” in the first grade and I want to prepare him for life, but I don’t want to make him afraid of life or unable to handle his own problems.I want to step in when there is real danger, but I also want to teach him to be a more-resilient, less-enticing target.

I have always encouraged parents and teachers to empower kids – NOT to overreact to teasing and less-harmful testing that often occurs in peer relationships. When it’s your own six-year-old, its tougher to do.

Adults, get involved when there is real harm or the threat of real harm. At other times, help your kids learn to handle mean or rude people.

Trudy Ludwig says this much better than I of — See her posting here.

 How to Talk to Your Kids about Bullying | A Platform for Good.


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