Supporting Kids Around Bullying

Yesterday, my six-year-old son was telling me about a “bully” on the playground who was “beating up” one of his friends.  He wanted to know what he should have done.

We talked about how he could intervene.  He could get an adult.  He could stand up for his friends and tell the bully to stop.

We talked about the importance of showing kindness to his friend and to anyone in his school who is being bullied.  Henry  is lucky. He is tall and popular and bright. We discussed how he has a responsibility to help those less fortunate.

But, for all my years working with kids, and families.  When it  came to my own child.  I felt so unsure about what to say to him about bullying.  If you’re struggling with how to address this topic, here is a resource you might find helpful.   Support the Kids Involved |


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